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A Brief History

Takiguchi and Yoshimi Associates (TYA) was founded in Tokyo in 1982. Driven by founder Masakazu Yoshimi’s vision to transform passion, understanding and expertise into Strategic Creative, TYA soon made its presence felt in its home market.

Its success led to its overseas network, starting with Singapore in 1995. TYA has partnered some of the world’s leading companies, creating cut-through communications that motivate, engage and provide bottom line results.

Today, professionals of a dozen nationalities apply TYA’s Strategic Creative to projects that span the Asia Pacific market.

1982年、東京築地で英語専門のコピーライティングカンパニーとしてスタートしました。TYAの名前は創設者であるMr. TakiguchiそしてMr. Yoshimiの 頭文字にAssociationを加えたのが由来です。アメリカ人のコピーライターを中心に日本人のクリエーターそしてローカルクリエーターとともに 海外進出を狙う日系企業を主にサービスを展開してきました。


If you want to connect, engage and interact with your customers, connect with them using TYA’s Strategic Creativity.

It takes discipline but we take pride in our ability to build on, and integrate tangible and intangible brand attributes using our three pillars of communication: passion, understanding and expertise.

Only then can we create concepts which connect emotionally, forming bonds that create unique brand experiences for your customers.

With our inclusive, engaging and diverse team, we strive to be the leading one-stop Japanese creative agency connecting Japan to the rest of Asia.




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