Case Study: Japan’s “Little Happiness” – Toto WASHLET

The Story

The Japanese have long been awed for their innovation, and we’re not at all surprised that they were the first in the world to come up with wonderful solutions for one of the important and necessary things we do daily – visiting the toilet.

Toto, the Japanese company who pioneered advanced electronic toilet seats (commonly known as “Washlets”), shocked the world with the release of the WASHLET in 1980. Decades later, the WASHLET technology is bringing even more convenience to the users, it has been geared to offer the most complete enjoyable toilet experience.

Warming up the seat on colder days had proven to be a must for the older generation, and the automatic rear washing provided convenience in most hygienic ways. There’s even ambience sounds (known as “Otohime” or Sound Princess in Japan) – it has been the saviour for many Japanese ladies who were embarrassed at the thought of being heard using the toilet.

The Plan

With such wonderful technology, it was no surprise that our client had plans to create more awareness for our fellow human beings in other parts of the world.

With an aim to reach the markets of China, Taiwan and the US, there was a need for a storytelling micro-website, and the website would then serve to be the landing page between users and the actual Toto WASHLET product website.

Sharing the experiences through illustrations

With TYA Singapore’s vast creative experience and expertise in bridging Japanese companies to the rest of the world, our team began to collaborate and decide on the overall direction.

After some brainstorming sessions, we decided to go with using illustrative approach to tell the stories, and proceeded to discuss on the illustration styles (western, comical, Japanese, etc…), with the final decision to work on a unique blend of Asian mix. Our designers were more than happy to add in twists of traditional Japanese elements to the overall layout for the heritage feel.

Main visual conceptualization process

Case study: Toto WASHLET Illustration Process

The process went very smoothly, transitioning from storyboard, drawing, colouring the drawings, prototyping, coding, all the way to the launching of the website.

For the web developers of you who are curious what we used to build the site, we are proud to say our web team went ahead with Bootstrap as the front-end framework, and the result is a light-weight responsive website functioning on all platforms.


Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese