Nissin FLAVOURite

Nissin FLAVOURite was a unique marketing campaign cum contest which took place during the second half of 2015.

The Task
Nissin wanted a fun and exciting way to introduce two new flavours into their Singaporean line of cup noodles, as well as to showcase their sleek new packaging.

The Solution
A massive island-wide promotional and photo voting event termed “Which is your FLAVOURite?” was set up, with 12 Singaporean girls representing each of the 12-cup noodle flavours. Representatives and voters alike stood a chance to win a trip to Japan, including other prizes.

The event garnered a tsunami of selfie posts with the representatives, which were taken using the Nissin FLAVOURite mobile app’s Photo Frame function – courtesy of our web team. In conjunction with the event, we also had the opportunity to manage both of the brand’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.