Secondhome is a realty property website catered for Japanese clients in Japan. The portal’s main goal is to provide buyer’s comprehensive information of properties in Malaysia, or for the second home (home away from home) they have always wanted.

The Task
Create a responsive and mobile compatible japanese website that provides comprehensive property information. For convenience, the website should also help the users convert currencies from RMB to Japanese Yen and at the same time display an up to date currency exchange rate. Aside from this,to be able to find the right property the users must be able to create search filters that would match their requirements. Another challenge posed by this project is to have a bi-lingual (Content Management System).

The Solution
TYA planned all content and information flow to  efficiently serve the user’s queries and make it convenient for the agents and administrators to update the site. Having prepared the structure, we decided to developed everything from ground up and created a custom-built Content Management System. The CMS have both Japanese and English language interfaces. This means that property agents outside Japan can update their information on the fly. Lastly having a multiracial team proves to be advantageous as our japanese staff provided a crucial part in usability testing and fine-tuning the site.


Secondhome iPad