SJ50 Matsuri

SJ50 Matsuri was the Japanese-themed carnival assembled on October 2016 to commemorate 50 years of Singapore-Japan diploma relations.

Turning Orchard Road into “mini Japan”, more than 50 thousands participants immersed in fun-filled activities such as street performances, cosplay, technology booths and plenty more! There was also a friendship parade which saw enthusiasts storming the road with dancers and musicians.

The Task
To provide a strong online presence and awe-inspiring marketing materials to support the event

The Solution
The concept of a set of illustrations depicting the carnival in a unique mix of Japanese and Singapore culture theme was born. To bring the concept alive, our print and web teams worked together to create a powerful online presence and eye-catching offline media materials.

Powered by a cutting-edge website which was developed to provide ease and convenience, users were able to effortlessly retrieve the information they needed.

A long stretch of walls at Somerset mrt was also furnished with our artwork to further enhance the awareness of the exciting event.

Visit SJ50 Matsuri Website: